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” Infinity Mirror Room ” look like a endless Galaxy

What is Infinity Mirror Room?

An infinity mirror room is an interactive art installation that uses mirrors and lighting to create the illusion of an endless space. It is composed of a room lined with mirrors on all sides, including the floor and ceiling. Inside the room, a few objects or light sources are placed to be reflected infinitely in the mirror panes, appearing to stretch on into an infinite void. The repeating reflections of the mirrors create a sense of depth and endlessness, like being suspended in an abstract universe. 


The concept was invented in the 1960s by artist Larry Bell, who used glass cubes to explore reflections and perspective. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama later popularized the infinity mirror room in the 2000s as part of her hallucinatory and obsessive artwork. Her infinity mirror rooms use hundreds of hanging lamps or polka-dotted shapes, which visitors can walk among and watch multiply into seeming infinity.


The striking illusion of infinite space is created through careful alignment of the mirrors. The corners where the mirror panes meet have to form 90 degree angles to achieve the proper repetition of reflections. Low lighting also enhances the sense of infinity and abstraction. The hypnotic, unearthly effect leaves viewers feeling small yet completely immersed in an expanded sense of space and consciousness.


Infinity mirror rooms have become increasingly prominent in contemporary art for their transportive quality. Major art museums like LACMA and Tate Modern have showcased Kusama’s infinity rooms. Other artists have built on the concept in creative ways, using video, sculpture, and color. These mirrored rooms offer a portal into a transcendent alternate realm, inviting wonder and new perceptual possibilities.

Infinity mirror room

We made Infinity mirror room/hall

at first The mirrors are attractive materials to use in decoration and interactive space. I use them to reconstruct the world of infinity. so In this project, you can find a small area of 4 square meters but infinite stars. as a result look like a endless
Made By SALSO Design

about Infinity Mirror Room / Hall

infinity mirror  is a configuration of two or more parallel and nearly parallel mirrors. creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections that appear to recede to infinity. so Often the front mirror of an infinity mirror is half silvered but this is not required to produce the effect. A similar appearance in artworks has been called the Droste effect. at last endless mirrors are sometimes used as room accents. (from Wikipedia)

infinity mirror room, endless galaxy made by salso design


Made By SALSO Design


Inside a classic self-contained infinity mirror, set of light bulbs and or other point source lights. these are placed around the periphery of a fully reflective mirror. a second, partially reflective “one-way mirror is placed a short distance in front of it. When an outside observer looks into the surface of the partially reflective mirror, the lights appear to recede into infinity. as a result creating the appearance of a tunnel of great depth that is lined with lights.(from Wikipedia)

First Infinity Room | By Yayoi Kusama | 1965


First Infinity Room | By Yayoi Kusama | 1965

Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room, a large scale mirrored installation was part of her solo exhibition “Floor Show” which opened at the Castellane Gallery. | New York in November 1965|

so floor of the mirror-lined room was lined in white phallic blobs covered in red polka dots. Kusama posed placid on the floor in a red body suit. so the seemingly endless, dotted environment was a reflection of the artist’s psychological state. as a result her experience of acute depression and personal observations of the daily life. Kusama coined the term Obsessional Art to describe her work. (from Wikiart)

some Infinity Mirror Room around the world (By Yayoi Kusama)

infinity mirror room By Yayoi Kusama

By Yayoi Kusama

endless mirror room By Yayoi Kusama

at last, the infinity mirror room is a wonderful experience that can feel in lifetime. so for find few experience like this, check out the rest of our blogs. (Blacklight Vortex Tunnel) (Black and White Cafe)

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