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Vortex Tunnel | Disturbance of balance

VORTEX TUNNEL is a mind-blowing haunted house and amusement park attraction guaranteed to test your senses! Our spinning tunnels are constructed of 5 high grade aluminum or steel rings that will not warp. Scare your Haunted House guests and blow away amusement park enthusiasts with this one-of-a-kind interactive attraction.

Made By SALSO Design

Vortex tunnel Description

In this video, see how we made unique attraction based on the black light painting technique and optical illusion. This effect is like the Inception movie; you saw certainty before. If we could rotate our world without changing the gravity effect, we would have the power of human perception control. this effect can cause some headaches and dizziness. A special feeling is like floating in space due to walking in this tunnel.

Vortex Tunnel | Disturbance of Balance
Vortex Tunnel | Made By SALSO.Design


  • Great for Haunted Houses & Theme Park Attractions
  • Constructed of 5 high grade aluminum or steel rings that will not warp
  • Drive motors and lighting run at 115 Volts and 230 Volt conversions are available for other countries
  • 2 possible bridge widths to choose from
  • Custom Sizes available by special order (from vortextunnel)

at last, the Vortex Tunnel is a wonderful experience that can feel in lifetime. so for find few experience like this, check out the rest of our blogs. (infinity mirror room) (Black and White Cafe)

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