3d illusion impact

Mostly known as 3D art and optical illusion tricks.
Maybe you are looking for these keywords that I have a lot experience in.

Optical illusion | 3D Street Painting | 3D Floor Sticker | 3D Poster | Illusion museum
Theme-Park Design | Upside-down Museum | Shadow Art  
And a lot more you can find in ability [Services] section.

Passionate + Hard working

My art work

I am honored to done thousands projects during past decade. I guess seeing all of them need lots of time. I like to invite you to see and download my portfolio in Gallery page.

Someone who like to try new experience 

Who is salso

I am in search of new exciting experiences. I started our works with optical illusion techniques in 2011. Through these techniques such as the 3D effect and anamorphic design, we can help our clients to make their imaginations real. Our services are useful for various purposes. That might be used for advertising or decoration etc. 

theme Park

What we can do!

There is lots of application based on optical illusion and creative techniques that we can provide. So, meet them on our services page. Maybe you could not find the exact idea you have. By the way, let us know by contact page. We are excited to hear from you.

solo meeting table by saleh sokhandan

Theme park design

museum of illusion

griffin 3d painting by saleh sokhandan

3D anamorphic

3D Painting & 3D Prints

the face shadowart by saleh sokhandan

Light Art

project unreal

anamorphic 3d sculpture by saleh sokhandan


Ambiguous piece

upside down kitchen by saleh sokhandan


charming surroundings

advertising 3d painting by saleh sokhandan


Graphic design