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How we made a Black and White Cafe

You may saw a video of a black and white cafe in south Korea get viral on social media. It is a technique to build filtered effects out of accurate perception. In this technique, we apply special effects like black and white, sepia, mono-color, or high-contrast color. In this project, we use black-and-white painting with high-contrast black lines.

Made By SALSO Design


straight from the pages of a cartoon or comic book, where everything from furnishings to plants and dishes appear two dimensional, like sketched pencil drawings.

It’s also for this that just outside the café is a constant line of customers armed with smartphones and cameras, on the hunt for the perfect shot — and a good cup of coffee. These are the “heroes” of the manga-inspired café — the only three dimensional subjects in a crystalized set which appears flat from nearly every angle.(From Elledecor)

Gray 2D cafe Made By SALSO Design
Black and White cafe, Illusiona Theme Park

about This kind of cafe

in this blog, we try to show off what we made and How we made it in a short video.
for more information about black-and white 2D cafe, we found a good blog about it, that you can read.

some Black and White cafe in the world

black and white cafe, st petersburg, russia
📍st petersburg, russia
black and white cafe, kuala lumpur,malaysia
📍kuala lumpur, malaysia
black and white, seoul, south korea
📍seuol, south korea

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