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painting with light and shadow by saleh sokhandan

How to paint with light and shadow?

Have you ever paid attention to the shadow of objects?

At first glance, the shadow of objects seems meaningless, but we can create a shadow that has a special meaning by arranging different objects and shining light from a certain angle, and the main purpose of creating a work of art is.

The name of this technique is shadow art. And today, you can see works designed with this technique in various exhibitions and galleries around the world.

In the following, we will introduce the work of Saleh Sokhandan, which has been designed with the shadow art technique.

shadow art by saleh sokhandan


Name: shadow art

Location: Tehran. Iran. Roya park museum of optical illusion

Client: Iranfun holding

Date of project: 2018


This work is designed in such a way that at first glance, Persian letters are placed on the wall in a disordered and cluttered manner, but when the light source, which is located in a special place, is turned on, they form the shadow of a face-shaped letters on the wall.

shadow art in optical illusion museum by saleh sokhandan

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