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3d painting in advertising

Application of 3D painting and optical illusion techniques in advertising

One of the important applications of the 3d painting technique is its use in advertising. This is suitable for environmental advertising, digital marketing, advertising events, campaigns, and product promotions. The use of new and attractive phenomena helps to convey the advertising message

But how is 3d painting technique used in advertising? 3D painting is amazingly engaging content. The pictures that people take with 3D paintings spread the message of those paintingsAudiences take photos with these drawings and share them on their web pages. This makes the message easily conveyed to many people.

The most common use of 3D painting in advertising is to produce compelling content. This technique can happen at an event and attract people because of its charm. But in this case, a limited number of audiences can visit and photograph these paintings. The point that makes this technique valuable in advertising is the clever use of the content produced, ie videos and photos of the work.

persil powder 3d advertising  painting by saleh sokhndan
persil powder 3d advertising painting by saleh sokhndan

An example

For example, the Giotto stationery brand used this technique in a promotional event and competition. Giotto stationery products are the second brand of Fila company in Italy. This product entered the Iranian market in late 2013. The representative company of these products in Iran was looking for smart advertisements according to the customers it could have. Also, he faced the problem of limited advertising funds. He chose one of the ideas related to 3D printing. Giotto advertising 3dpainting was designed by Saleh Sokhandan in 2014. This event was with all the variables related to the field of public relations and social media advertising.

The prize in the competition of this event was a trip to Italy. Visitors participated in the contest by posting their photos on virtual pages with a hashtag and following the Giotto page. In addition to this content production and its dissemination on social networks, several other small campaigns were active. Using these small PR campaigns, a lot of valuable content was created within a month. News of the event spread on the Internet, virtual networks, newspapers, and magazines. This issue increased awareness about the presence of this brand in Iran.

the cost of Giotto was much lower than other advertising campaigns offered to them. But it had tremendous feedback for them. Another thing they could do was use the usual methods of environmental advertising. Methods such as the use of billboards, lampposts, spot advertisements in passages, and other neighborhoods. Although the number of visits to these media outlets has increased these days, their effectiveness and influence are drastically decreasing. Because cities today are full of different mediums in different sizes to display colorful images. The audience mostly passes by them without paying attention to them.

Giotto 3d advertising painting
Giotto 3d advertising painting

Surprise the viewer

Decreased attention has reduced the effectiveness of the media. The audience gets tired of repeated advertising messages. This causes the audience to don’t attend to the message. Not to do so. Rather, it is a natural occurrence of the brain to increase attention and focus on the subject of interest. The focus of today’s audience is on their safe and favorite space. That means his mobile page! It should be possible to use this multi-inch space.

3D painting or any interesting content that can surprise the viewer makes the audience share it with their friends. See it in amazement and react to it.

Of course, 3D painting has different uses depending on the type of execution. It can be performed as a painting by a well-known artist Or its output should be installed on the ground in the form of 3D printing. The first mode is more aimed at producing digital content of the effect. The steps of such an event become the content. In this case, we use a 3D painting.

In the second method, the use of digital printing is because it is possible to reprint and use circulation. We can replicate the design and print in different places.

Honda 3d advertising painting by kurt weener
Honda 3d advertising painting by kurt weener

Different methods of using 3D painting in advertising

the story of content production is more important. generally, the use of 3D painting in advertising has been implemented in the following examples and this technique can be used in advertising.

Use in product introduction events to enter the market or to attract the attention of the audience

1. a motivational factor for photography and increase audience communication in exhibitions

2. advertising media on the ground in stores, restaurants, and shopping malls

3. use as 3D illustration in popular advertising media such as billboards

4. photos and content produced in digital media

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