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    This is a 45-minute online meeting to discuss your design or construction questions. Once we receive your order, we will check for the best time to set up the meeting. You can choose multiple sessions if you’d like to set more consultation time. For this purpose, you can add more than one to your cart.

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    Importance of consultation in your project

    Consultants play a crucial role throughout a project’s design and construction process. SALSO’s expertise and experience can help ensure the project is completed successfully, within budget, and on time. A consultant can provide valuable insights by guiding design decisions and overseeing construction. They help mitigate potential issues before they arise, ensuring the project succeeds and meets all stakeholders’ expectations.

    Who is a proper person to use their experience

    If you want to ensure the success of your project, you need to get a consultant with ample experience in designing and constructing theme parks and artworks. You can benefit from their practical insights and guidance by hiring a consultant, like SALSO, who has delivered several successful massive projects in the past decade. Their experience can help you avoid potential issues and ensure your project is completed within budget and on schedule. With such a consultant on your team, you can be confident that your project will meet and exceed expectations and be a resounding success.

    Which topics are good to talk about in consultant meetings with SALSO

    Feel free to ask anything and speak about any parts of your projects. But to get the best path and reach the perfect result, we suggest asking specific questions about your main problems. You can prepare a questions list and sort it by their priorities to ask.

    There are many topics that SALSO has experienced that may be useful for you to talk about. You can find some of them below.

    • Brainstorming to find the proper idea or scenario for your project
    • Design section and how to make your design practical and efficient
    • Construction parts and contractor communication to achieve the best result
    • Operation methods and revenue design
    • Marketing and advertising of your project

    During the consultation meeting, you might require the design services provided by SALSO. This could include a technical plan or scenario design etc. You can discuss your specific requirements during the meeting and create a design project accordingly.


    Additional information


    45 minutes

    Meeting Type

    online video conference in Google Meet, 15 minutes before meeting the link will send to your billing contact number

    Topics to discuss

    Anything about your project in fields of Ideas, design, construction, or marketing


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