Creativity does not end here, because this is SALSO studio

Who are we and what do we do? ​

Salso Design Studio is a creative agency managed by Saleh Sokhdan. that offers a range of design services. Our primary work concentrates on optical illusion. We use optical illusion techniques mainly in decoration, advertising, and entertainment. Maybe you are considering the application of our professions. So think about these examples which I can help you with them.

  • Designing a creative billboard for an advertising campaign.
  • Creating interactive activities for a public event.
  • Design and construction of eye-catching showcase.
  • Making a commercial video.
illusion museum
3D Stickers

Who are our customers?

Based on the capability, we have diverse clients in their fields. In short, we can sort some of our clients into these categories:

  • Advertising agencies for advertising campaigns and events
  • Big company for their events and decoration
  • The private person for artworks and decoration
  • Investors to build big projects like theme parks and museum

Who is Saleh Sokhandan?

Saleh Sokhandan is a prominent Iranian artist and known for his unique and innovative approach to illusional art. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Sokhandan’s art is characterized by its bold use of color and texture, as well as its incorporation of found objects and unconventional materials. He is perhaps best known for his 3d illusion impact, which often feature abstract forms that challenge viewers’ perceptions of space and form.  Throughout his long and distinguished career, Saleh Sokhandan has remained committed to pushing the boundaries of art and exploring new forms of expression. 

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Saleh Sokhandan | Salso Design
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“Everything has become complex over the past decades. But the future is against it. There will be one thing to design. Perception! The optical illusion study is a practice for this goal.”
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Saleh Sokhandan