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What is 3D painting? ‌ Application and types of 3D painting

You may have seen various photos on sites or social networks where one painting is drawn on the ground and seems to have mass. People take pictures next to them because of the attractiveness of these paintings. They create happy moments for themselves. They also show their photos to their friends and acquaintances. These paintings are known as 3d paintings or anamorphic paintings. It is worth mentioning that the more accurate name of these paintings is anamorphic painting.

gitiffene fly over persepolis 3d painting digital by salso
giriffen fly over persepolis digital painting by artist salso

How the anamorphic painting creating?

The anamorphic painting is designed and drew in an anamorphic way on a 2d surface. It is necessary to see this kind of paintings to find the right angle of view. These paintings are usually meaningless and ugly at first glance. But from the right angle, you will see the 3D image. The best way to see these pictures is to look through the camera lens.

To better understand this, look at the photos below. One of the images shows an anamorphic from the right angle, the other one is the same painting from another angle.

The painting below is by Dutch artist Leon Keer. This artist is one of the pioneers of anamorphic painting.

3d painting from correct view
3d painting by Leon Keer from correct view
3Dpainting by famous artist from different view
3D painting by famous artist from wrong view angle

The 3D painting is one of the techniques of optical illusion

Pseudo-three-dimensional anamorphic design is one of the most common optical illusion techniques. Art has become very popular in this field. People know this style as a anamorphic painting. This technique is more famous than optical illusion due to its diverse and extensive effects. Many artists work in this field. But do not forget that metamorphic design is created using visual error or visual illusion. It wants to be one-level or multi-level. In any case, these are tricks of optical illusion.

Various applications of anamorphic painting

3D painting in first glance is a funny and interesting work for photography and fun. This is a very good goal because creating enjoyable moments for the audience is one of the artist’s goals. But 3D painting has other applications in various fields.

Decoration design, building facade design, interior design, advertising, magazine and newspaper design, graphic design, and other subjects are different applications of a 3D painting.

anamorphic graphic art by trully
3d painting graphic artwork by trully
blue horse anamorphic 3d painting on walls
blue horse 3d painting on wall

The 3D painting drew in two ways:

first method is Analog or manual design where the whole process is done by hand design. This method has its own applications.

The second method is the digital design method. The printing capability in this method increases the variety and usability.

The impact of other visual acuity techniques on 3D painting

A variety of effects can be creat using a combination of optical illusion techniques. For example, each of the anamorphic painting artists has a specific style. artist’s styles go back to their artistic background before entering this field. Some of these street painters painted on the ground. They gradually entered the realm of three-dimensional vision error techniques. They began to draw transformational paintings on the ground, like the German artist Edgard Müller.

Some of these other artists like Portuguese artist Odeith did graffiti work. they created a new atmosphere in the 3D painting. Each of these artists created a special atmosphere. Other artists combined this style with other arts to create mixed art. For example, Saleh Sokhandan, an Iranian artist, combined digitally transformed painting with volumes.

in the below photos, you can see the 3d effect combined with the volumes. The name of this work is Venice, one of the works of Iranian artist Saleh Sokhandan. This work has been designed and performed with a digital 3D painting technique and Printed as a 3D sticker. In this work, he has built a volume in the shape of a boat. This volume is combined with 3d painting and makes the painting more attractive.

venice on boat digital 3d painting
venice on boat digital 3d painting by salso

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