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How incredible 3D sticker create?

What is 3D sticker?

3D sticker is one of the creative optical illusion techniques. To make 3D sticker, an anamorphic design is used which is printed digitally on the screen. In an anamorphic design, the picture is designed in such a way that after printing and sticking on the surface, you can see a 3D picture at a specific angle.

tirex 3d sticker 3d painting
Tirex 3D Sticker

3D stickers are similar to 3d painting. But the 3D sticker is printed and also takes less time to install. For this reason, 3D stickers have more potential to promote your product or services. One of the most important goals in this type of advertising is photography next to a 3D sticker and enjoying it for the viewer.

Attention to the location in the design process

The 3D sticker is designed according to several parameters. Location is one of the most important parameters in the 3D sticker design process. The Design and production of 3Dstickers is designed independently for each project. In Salso Studio, each project is designed based on the priorities of your business.

The design process is the main and long part of producing 3D stickers. Due to the connection of stickers with their surroundings, the position of 3D sticker installation is effective in ideation. For better results, These stickers needs a suitable space to display. Most of these places are in busy commercial, cultural and entertainment environments. Shops, hypermarkets, shopping malls, health centers, and coffee shops are some of the effective spaces to display.

Which content to display?

Another important parameter in the 3D sticker design process is what content will be displayed. A 3D sticker can help to promote your product. As a result, it is important to show the concept for which we want to design a 3D sticker. One of the challenges in the design process is abstract concepts. The design process for the abstract concept can be challenging.

The basic design for a 3D sticker

One of the most important steps in producing 3D stickers is sketching. After defining the goals of the product, designing a 3d sticker will be started. The basic design of the 3D sticker is manual and simple. The customers choose one of the designs according to the purpose of their product and services.

How does a basic design turn into a 3D digital design?

3D digital drawing look likes a 3D painting on the ground except that it is done digitally. It means, it is designed in related software. I this step, the design is generally seen in the intended space. The customer can choose to have 3D painting or 3D digital stickers. Part of the process of converting the basic design to digital is done like any other illustration. In this part, the goal is to turn the ideas into a real picture and else. After choosing the method of design, the tool will be specified.

How is a digital design done?

If the method of illustration is real, the selection of images is based on real photos. For example, the product is photographed in a specific space and the photomontage process is done. If the method of illustration is fancy, 3D modeling software is used. Depending on the space and style of the project method or what purpose to be displayed, the tools needed to output are also different.

Printing 3D sticker

Those who see 3D drawing and 3D stickers will think that this image trick is created in printing or painting. While there is no connection between materials and consumables. Printing techniques and materials help improve the quality of work. But if the design principles are not done properly, the final design will not be printed properly. As a result, if the design and related techniques are done correctly, quality printing can increase the durability and appearance of the work. Depending on the space that the 3D sticker is to be displayed, related printing such as UV printing or laminating is used.

Installing 3D sticker

As mentioned before, location is considered from the beginning. in installing 3D stickers. It is also important to pay attention to the location. Attention to the location involves several parameters. For example, it is important to pay attention to ambient light, visual appendages in space, photography space, and else. As an example, the quality of the light in the environment is important for more effect, in addition, the angle of light and installing a 3D sticker should be such that the shadows of the people standing on the 3D sticker do not destroy the 3D image.

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